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Gamera 1965


A nuclear explosion in the far north unleashes Gamera, the legendary flying turtle, from his sleep under the ice. In his search for energy, Gamera wreaks havoc over the entire world, and it's up to the scientists, assisted by a young boy with a strange sympathic link to the monster, to put a stop to Gamera's rampage.

Genre : Action, Horror, Science Fiction.
Production Companies : Daiei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
Runtime : 91 min
Format : Widescreen
HD : Includes 720p and 1080p.
Subtitles :
  • - English (Subtitles)
  • - German (Subtitles)
  • - Portuguese (Subtitles)
  • - French (Subtitles)
  • - Spanish (Subtitles)
  • - Japanese (Subtitles)

    What our members said..

    aclouston November 13, 2018 21:44 PM
    Definitely one of the best
    debbiewhitton November 13, 2018 20:53 PM
    pameladunsmore November 13, 2018 20:06 PM
    superb movie in all time
    dreinam November 13, 2018 19:08 PM
    nice movie
    quietstorm346 November 13, 2018 17:52 PM
    Outstanding movie all 'round. How did I ever miss it on the big screen? Superb writing, good flow, and director Rafelson gets everything he could want from the actors and technical professionals. In short, well put together
    cp1969 November 13, 2018 17:44 PM
    Very good movie from start to end the whole movie not cut off before the end enjoy..
    ncorbet85 November 13, 2018 16:20 PM
    So great
    darenandwendy November 13, 2018 15:40 PM
    love this movie! so glade I found it
    chrisbooth1 November 13, 2018 15:28 PM
    Thank you so very much . i loved to download this movies . A most enjoyable film...thank you Simon
    amyvb28 November 13, 2018 13:47 PM
    big thanks !! Thank you #RESPECT
    omgitsgill November 13, 2018 13:34 PM
    piroko November 13, 2018 10:55 AM
    I'm very happy at the chance to watch this one again. It's a film that remains in memory
    paulypro November 13, 2018 10:56 AM
    Great movie. Recommend it. AAAAA+
    onespeedforme November 13, 2018 10:28 AM
    This is a damn good movie