Tooth replacement options

Having a missing tooth usually alters the way one smiles and affects one’s facial structure. Having a tooth replaced is the only way of ensuring one’s beautiful smile is restored. There are several tooth replacement option which one can choose from. They include;

Dental implants

This is one of the most sort-after methods of replacing a tooth. They look exactly like a real tooth and they also make one feel like it’s a real tooth too. This method enables one to permanently replace multiple teeth or a single tooth once and for all. Dental implants will last a lifetime if properly taken care of. The process of placing these dental implants is quite lengthy. This is because the root of the tooth has to be replaced first with some metal screws and this serves as the anchor for the false tooth which is placed on top. Once these screws are installed, the patient is allowed time to heal and this may take a couple of months so that the implant gets securely fused to the jawbone. Upon healing, the dental implant is then placed on top and gets properly secured.

The implant-supported bridge

This method is usually ideal if the patient has a couple of teeth missing in a row. This process is usually quite easy and doesn’t take extended periods of time to be completed. In this process, only the teeth at the two ends get secured in place with implants. The tooth at the middle normally gets secured without any sort of screwing needed.

The removable partial dentures

This method is recommended for people who have just a few missing teeth. It is an easier method of tooth replacement and works in a similar way to the method of the dental implant. In this method, the partial dentures are carefully clasped into the right place. This makes sure that the false teeth get held in its rightful place.